Credit cards in Spain offer a great variety of benefits not only if they focus on solving purchases made with credit. The flexibility of payment and the possibility of obtaining goods and services that improve life quality, are more known advantages that the cards can offer, but not the only ones. 

Having a credit card, means that you can receive a great service of additional services that allows you to enjoy special discounts, preferential treatment in entertainment events, the possibility of accumulating points that can be exchanged for prizes or trips and many more benefits. . Comparator of current accounts

credit cards in Spain

However before knowing how you can get the most out of your credit cards, you have to know which one goes the best with your lifestyle, your finances and that fits your personal and professional interests. Credit cards and debit cards, which are constantly evolving and adaptable to the change of consumers’ habits. 

The documents of the credit are given by the former, they have many options to choose from. For this reason, if you disagree with the situation, you will have a wide range of options to create the largest possible users, to convert them into banking clients.

Types of credit cards

Types of credit cards

I have a great variety of credit cards published in Spain, from his prepaid card to the benefits of many benefits to his customers. There is a card for each stage of the financial life of the Spaniards. 

And to talk about the vintages stages of life, it should be noted that it is important that young people at an early age learn to use credit cards and benefit from their advantages. Many major banks in Europe have exclusive cards for them. These cards, which generally do not require a banking account, allow them to access online services such as music, games and can also be used to shop online.

This gives young people the possibility to learn to have habits, organize their budget and acquire the responsibility to pay the amounts of their card (physical or virtual) and recharge monthly. 

Otho type of card that you have been very successful are those that are specifically aimed at women; since they have a great amount of benefits like the possibility of collecting miles to travel to any part of the world, personalized experiences and great variety of discounts in exclusive stores, gyms, relaxation and aesthetic centers.

These cards generally have an attractive design and count with a lot of acceptance among women of all ages since they offer the possibility of attending events and trainings in various professional areas, health, family and personal growth. 

Other types of credit deed, and more desasters, are those that you do not want to credit, such as those in other countries or persons with a high acquisitive client who are a mate, no exceptions. These cards offer medical insurance benefits when traveling abroad, loss of luggage and access to VIP lounges at airports around the world. Among many other benefits.

How to get the most out of your credit card?

Knowing the benefits and being informed is one of the best ways to make the most of your card. Follow your bank in social networks and receive in your email the promotions, events and news that constantly offer their users. You can have switched on first hand to special discounts in physical stores and online. 

Take advantage of payment plans. Banks reward their responsibility and punctuality by offering a variety of forms of payment, financing and discounts when acquiring services with a credit card. It is attractive and suitable for a good credit rating, increasing as much as possible to convert to an ideal client for recourse for more shares of your bank.


Buy in the places that keep you alliances with your credit card. Large supermarket chains offer special offers for holidays and specific days of the week, throughout the year. Do not miss these alliances. 

Collect points to travel. Many cards make agreements with airlines to accumulate miles that can then change for tickets in and out of Spain. Advised with detention the most effective ways to obtain them. Include in your purchase routine the products and services that add points in your favor. 

Get trained and attend events sponsored by your bank or credit card. Many offer special forms of payment to attend congresses, in person or online. The network of credit is also a matter of knowledge for cursors in various institutes of Spain.

The winds that are of us are not only available for us, but also for us, and we try them on your credit card; make purchases, accumulate miles for trips and always stay informed about the additional benefits, that as a client, you can obtain by the use of your credit card in Spain and in the rest of the world.