Invest in the Stock Exchange – Best Brokers to Invest in Shares 2018


The investment in financial markets is not something exclusive for big millionaires or experts in the stock market. When you buy it, you have to accept it without having to experience it, in case you do not have it, you do not want to know a little, you can use the knowledge, the experience and instinct of the brokers.

What is a broker?

A broker is a professional who devotes time to the study of financial markets to determine which is the best option to invest and serves as an intermediary between that market and customers. Through this “representative” customers can buy or sell shares in a secure and guaranteed manner. 

The profit of the broker goes in a proportional direction to the investment made by the clients, and as it happens in other areas, depending on the reputation of the same, their rates could increase. Or reason for the deference of the brokers’ fee is determined by the market in which it is sent.

Who can be Brokers in Spain?

Who can be Brokers in Spain?

In Spain, the brokers’ office is regulated by the CNMV, that is, the National Securities Market Commission. Established with the goal of guaranteeing the value of a transparent product and which has no irregularity in the determination of the product price. 

Among its functions is the supervision and licensing of many companies and individuals, to operate as brokers. 

Included operators from other European countries, that if you are not the regulator of the MiFD – that is the Directive so far. Values ​​of Spain to be able to operate.

Evolution of brokers in Spain


Back the only way to invest or to make investments in the financial markets, was through the banks. They were the ones who served as intermediaries between the client and the merchant. 

Of this way, for a broker, the natural labor market, was the financial finances, and we were able to serve as intermediaries, limiting this competition to the end, the tariffs for the transatlantic eradication. 

Thanks to the technological advances, the financial markets and the possibility of investing in them, if it has democratized and the rates of the brokers, they have tended to the low; and also, bags as distant as Japan, New York or London, are within reach of click.

Brokers specialization

Brokers specialization

With the evolution of the market, such as the one previously performed by one person, nowadays it is done by several people. It is very informative that if you do not know how to finish, you will be able to take a special look at the type of inverse they offer. 

The best-known type of broker, is the one that serves as an intermediary for the bu and and sale of shares, but once the client knows other areas can begin to feel interest for another type of investments of higher risks and gains. In that moment, if if you are looking for other types of brokers with Brokers of Contracts for Differences or Brokers CFDs. These offer short-term, higher-risk and higher-profit opportunities, and not only shares for long-term investments.

In any case, the change from one broker to another does not mean that the relationship with the first one ends. The search for a new broker gives the client the possibility of expanding the range of options for their investments.

Advice for new investors

Advice for new investors

For the last time, we will be looking forward to seeing you and trying to get close to the market: 

  • Given the financial market is so broad, our main advice is to enter this world in a cautious way with investments of small amounts and simple products. All this, while the client gains confidence and knowledge of the world in which he is investing.


  • At the moment of selecting on broker, not if you only carry with it the low cost of its services, until also by experience, area of ​​specialization and included the platforms of trading that it uses, since that is its main work tool and it is which in some way will guarantee that your investments are followed closely.


  • It the market and the broker will allow it, even if it is not only fictional in the online casinos in training way, it is better to start playing (invest) with a demo account. In this way, the customer will gain experience without risk of losing money.


  • For the sake of vision, that is an investment, never if it has to place all the capital in a single move. Our recommendation is to invest simultaneously with small amounts in various actions. In this way, the possible loss of one can be compensated with the behavior of the other.