Personal loan: proof

If you wish to do new work at your home, repair your car or buy a computer, you do not have to provide proof of purchase when you have obtained a revolving credit, formerly called a credit reserve.

Cashimogu credits do not require proof of purchase.

Cashimogu credits do not require proof of purchase.

Unlike allocated credits, revolving credits – formerly known as cash reserves – are not tied to a purchase. In the same way, traditional personal loans do not require proof of purchase.
But be careful, obtaining a revolving credit requires the sending of proof of income, address etc. to validate your file.

On the other hand, you will not need to justify your purchase, if you meet the conditions of obtaining credits examined by our experts.

You are therefore free, when you subscribe to a revolving credit or a personal loan for work, to dedicate the sums granted to the repair of the painting, the purchase of hardware or any other type of purchase.

Cashimogu products – solutions for financing an automobile or for a trip – are designed to meet your expectations as closely as possible. They offer you a flexibility of use that allows you to adapt the loan and repayment formula to your investment. In some cases, a quote may be required. This quote must be attached to the subscription file.

But once the loan is granted – subject to agreement and acceptance of your complete file by Crediteriol Personal Finance – no proof of purchase will be required.

Cashimogu credits adapt to all projects

Cashimogu credits adapt to all projects

Whatever your project, to finance a wedding, the repair of a veranda or the purchase of a vintage car, for the purchase of a scooter or a kitchen, Cashimogu offers flexible and adapted financing solutions to your needs. These offers allow you to adjust the amount of your monthly payments by playing on the duration of the loan.

For a personal loan, if you are staggering your repayment over time:

  • The amount of the monthly payments is reduced.
  • The duration and therefore the cost of credit increase.
  • If you decide to repay as soon as possible:
  • The amount of the monthly payments is high.
  • The repayment term and the cost of credit are reduced.
  • In any case, you keep the possibility of making an early repayment without costs.