Borrow money

You want to borrow money. And preferably at the lowest possible interest. This is not always easy. The interest rates differ per loan form, loan amount and lender. Below you can read more information about these different types of loans. Do you want to borrow money immediately ? View our top 3 loans here ! top 3 doorlopend krediet

Where can I best borrow money?

Where you can best borrow money depends on your loan form. has compared several lenders. If you opt for a personal loan, view our top 3 personal loans here . If you opt for a revolving credit, view our top 3 revolving credit immediately.

Which loan form suits me?

If you do not yet know which type of loan suits you, you can use our information overview. We have compared the different loans with each other. This way you choose the loan form that suits you and you can immediately start comparing. For example, we compare these loan types:

Borrow money online

You can borrow money online from several providers. The advantage of borrowing money online is that you can request multiple quotes quickly and easily. Compare multiple providers of direct borrowing money with each other, then make your choice and apply for your loan directly online.

Borrow money with BKR does not recommend borrowing money with BKR. This means that you are not able to pay off your debts, which means that you will get further into debt with a loan. However, there are possibilities that a loan with BKR is possible, for example via a mini loan. View our top 3 here if you still want to borrow money with BKR ?

top 3 doorlopend krediet