Borrow money with BKR

If you want to borrow money with a BKR, it is best to opt for a mini loan . With many other loan forms, such as a personal loan or revolving credit, your creditworthiness will be tested at the BKR in Tiel. geld lenen zonder BKR-toetsing

Borrow money without BKR

When you know that you have a BKR, few lenders will accept your loan application. In the case of a mini loan, your creditworthiness is not tested and you can borrow money with BKR. Often the interest rates of mini loans are considerably higher, so it is important that you compare mini loans well. We have compared mini-loans in our handy top 3 .

Borrow with BKR?

We do not recommend borrowing money with a negative BKR. This BKR code often means that you have not been able to take out loans in the past. Avoid paying off debt with loans, as this will result in even higher interest charges. When you try to repay a loan with a loan, it can cause you further problems. This means that you run the risk of unknowingly getting further into debt. In this case, contact your bank and try to reach a good agreement with creditors. Borrowing money with BKR is not the solution. Certainly not if you have a negative BKR.

Therefore, always consider whether you really need this money immediately before you decide to borrow money. Try to save or wait for your next salary payment. Do you still need money immediately ? View here from which lender you can borrow money best.

What is a BKR?

The abbreviation BKR stands for Stichting Bureau Krediet Registration. This foundation is located in Tiel and registers the number of loans you have taken out. In this way, the consumer is protected so that not too much is borrowed and that too many loans are not taken out. The BKR therefore ensures that you do not borrow too much and therefore do not get into too much trouble.

How do I know if I have a BKR?

The BKR keeps records of everyone who:

  • Personal loan
  • Revolving credit has taken out
  • Credit card has
  • It has been red
  • The mortgage has arrears of more than 120 days
  • Has a GSM subscription

Many people do not know that they are also registered with the BKR if they have taken out a GSM subscription. This means that 80% of the Dutch are already registered with the BKR. Do you want to know if you have a negative BKR? You can view your data by requesting this data from the bank where you are affiliated. This can be done for a fee of $ 4.95.

Borrow money directly without BKR

Do you still want to borrow money without BKR? In this case, we recommend that you opt for a mini loan. This is the easiest way to borrow money without being checked at the BKR.

See immediately where you can borrow money immediately, in our handy top 3 loans !
geld lenen zonder BKR-toetsing

Borrowing money, costs money. Always consider whether you need the money. It is often wiser to save for a large purchase or wait for your salary.