Personal loan

Know in advance where you stand. This is the great advantage of a personal loan. With a personal loan you take out a loan at a fixed interest and you borrow a fixed amount. Do you want to know immediately which loan is right for you?

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What is a personal loan?

With a personal loan you borrow a fixed amount. This amount and the interest on the loan are agreed in advance. This also means that you can no longer withdraw money in the meantime. If you do want this, it is better in this case to opt for a revolving credit .

Personal loan features:

  • Borrow a fixed amount
  • You borrow an amount that suits your purpose
  • You determine in advance in which terms you will pay off a loan
  • Fixed term
  • An amount between $ 2,500 and $ 50,000
  • Early repayment is possible without additional costs

Personal loan interest

The interest of a personal loan differs per provider. The amount of the interest also depends on the term that you take out a loan. These are often fixed terms of 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. We have compared interest rates in our comparison .

Lender Min. interest Max. interest
Loan now 3.90% 7.60%
Intrasavings Bank 3.90% 7.70%
Moneysia 4.00% 9.00%
Credit spotter 3.90% 11.90%

Customized personal loan

Do you really want to know which personal loan is right for you? You can request multiple quotations from different providers. Although we have compared all providers as closely as possible, it is possible that the interest rates of loans differ, depending on your personal situation. You can also talk to an adviser from your bank to discuss the options for a tailor-made loan.

Compare personal loan

Do you want to know which personal loan suits you best? We have already compared the different credit providers. Start comparing the loans here.

top 3 persoonlijke leningen

Borrowing money, costs money. Always consider whether you need the money. It is often wiser to save for a large purchase or wait for your salary.