Revolving credit

A revolving loan is a form of loan that offers you a large degree of flexibility. You decide when and how much you borrow. In addition, you only pay interest on the amount withdrawn. Would you like to know immediately which revolving credit suits you best? Compare revolving credit .

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Borrow revolving credit

Taking out revolving credit can offer you major advantages. This way you always have money on hand, you decide how much interest you want to take out and you benefit from lower interest than with a personal loan . Borrowing credit continuously is especially useful if you do not know in advance how much money you want to borrow. Do you want to know which revolving loan is best for you? Then compare revolving credits here .

Revolving credit interest

If you want to take out a revolving credit , you will benefit from a lower interest rate than with a personal loan. The interest on a loan is variable between 1% and 3%. However, the interest has never been determined in advance and depends on your personal situation. However, it is important that you do not pay too much interest on your revolving credit. Make sure that you compare interest rates well in advance.

Lender Min. interest Max. interest
Loan now 3.90% 7.60%
Intrasavings Bank 3.90% 7.70%
Moneysia 4.00% 9.00%
Credit spotter 3.90% 11.90%

Calculate revolving credit

Do you want to calculate your interest on a loan? However, your revolving credit is calculated by the lenders. You must therefore request several quotations, in which the costs of a revolving loan are calculated. Our advice is therefore to request several quotations, in order to determine which revolving credit suits you best.

Compare revolving credit has compared different lenders. The interest, the service of the lenders and the flexibility of the revolving credit have been considered. Do you want to know where you can best take out a revolving loan? Then start comparing revolving credit here.

top 3 doorlopend krediet

Borrowing money, costs money. Always consider whether you need the money. It is often wiser to save for a large purchase or wait for your salary.