Borrowing without BKR assessment

The demand for borrowing money without BKR is increasing. Nowadays you already receive a BKR registration with a purchase of at least 300 US dollars. If you do not meet your payment obligations, this will be converted into a negative BKR registration. Do you have a negative BKR registration in your name and would you still like to borrow money? Then it is not easy, but it is possible! We explain how you can borrow money without a BKR test being done.

When will I receive a negative BKR registration?

There is a lot of uncertainty about the BKR registration. Nowadays you quickly get a BKR registration when you buy something on installment. In principle, there is nothing wrong with such a BKR registration. This is, as it were, a 'positive BKR registration'. The BKR keeps track of the fact that you have a loan that you are still paying off.

If you are unable to pay off the loan on time, you will receive payment reminders and fines. If you ignore all these instructions, your positive BKR registration will be converted into a negative BKR registration. When you try to take out a new loan, the lender will be notified that you have not properly repaid a loan in the past. The lender is thus warned and you are protected against more debts.

That all sounds great, but sometimes you really need money. Imagine your washing machine stops working, or your car needs an APK inspection. It is very nice to be able to borrow money with a negative BKR registration.

Borrow money with negative BKR

Even if you have a negative BKR registration, you sometimes need real money. Any major bank or online lender will refuse to offer you a loan. Fortunately there is an exception; a mini loan or payday loan. The mini loan is a loan without BKR . Instead of a check at the BKR, the mini loan provider does its own check. This is much less strict and there are no requests for many papers. Did you know that the mini loan can be requested by almost everyone in the Netherlands?

These are the conditions for a loan without BKR:

  • You live in the Netherlands
  • You are at least 21 years old
  • You have no benefits

Borrow money quickly

A major additional advantage is that the mini loan is the fastest loan in the Netherlands. Because a lot of papers are not asked for, all of which have to be approved, a lot of time is saved. Do you want to borrow money immediately ? Then request a mini loan online. This request takes an average of 5 minutes. Your application will be processed the same working day. And when it is approved, the amount will be in your account the same day.

The mini loan or payday loan is a loan up to 1500 US dollars. You must pay this amount back within 62 days. By adhering to these agreements, you will also quickly repay the loan and you will be debt-free again. Do you need some quick money again? Because you are an 'acquaintance', the amount will be added to your account even faster with a subsequent application.