Private lease also possible without BKR registration

private lease and bkr

Driving through a private lease has many advantages. It is not without reason that more and more Dutch motorists are opting for private lease. In recent years, the number of people driving under private lease has grown enormously, and it is expected that this will continue to grow in the coming years. The biggest advantages of driving via a private lease is that you pay one fixed amount per month, drive a new, qualitative and safe car and that there are no additional costs when the car is serviced. In addition, you do not have to pay a large amount in advance to drive a new car. In many cases, however, the private lease contract will be registered with BKR. Yet that is not always the case.

Registration with BKR

When you enter into a private lease contract with a lease company, there is a payment obligation for the period that the contract runs. This financial obligation is often registered with BKR because certain companies and authorities want to know this from you. Consider, for example, the bank if you want to take out a mortgage here. The total value of your private lease contract can affect the amount that you can borrow from the bank for your new home. If you enter into a private lease contract while you already have a mortgage, this will not affect your current mortgage.

A registration with BKR is not by definition something negative, contrary to what many people think. A lender can indeed see here that you have a payment obligation with another party, but can also see here that you are a good payer who pays the bills properly on time.

Not all lease companies register with BKR

In the Netherlands, not all lease companies choose to register the lease contract (in full) with BKR. For example, there are a number of lease companies that only register part of the value of the contract, or even nothing at all. This means that you can enter into a lease contract with these companies with a partial or even no BKR registration, so it does not affect your mortgage options. Private lease without BKR registration can therefore be a very interesting option if you expect to take out a mortgage or loan in the short term. At the same time, this also means that in that case the lease company is not affiliated with the Private Lease Quality Mark.

These lease companies often also do not do a BKR check when you apply for a private lease contract. This makes it somewhat easier to qualify for a car through a private lease.

When you enter into a private lease contract, think carefully about the financial consequences this has. If you do not want this financial obligation to be (partially) registered with BKR, be sure to take a look at the companies that can help you with this.