Borrow money immediately

Snel geld lenen en vergelijken Looking for the way of borrowing that suits you? specializes in helping you find the right loan. A personal loan , a revolving credit , a mini loan or a credit card . A number of factors play an important role in going through this process. We have made all forms of borrowing transparent for you in the overview below. This will give you a clear picture of the various loan forms, interest rates and other conditions that lenders set. There are numerous loan providers where you can borrow money immediately. Our best advice is therefore: compare them with each other, request different quotes and decide for yourself where you can borrow money immediately!

Borrow money directly in 5 steps

When borrowing money directly, the following 5 steps are essential:

  1. 1. Choose a loan form that suits you

Thoroughly study the various options before you start borrowing money immediately, and proceed according to the step-by-step plan below.

If you opt for a personal loan , you choose a loan of a fixed amount that you must pay off monthly. In addition, the term and interest are agreed in advance. The big advantage is that the interest is often higher than with a revolving credit, but this is less flexible. If you want to borrow a large amount once, then the personal loan is the best loan form for you.

Advantages of a personal loan:
  • Fixed amount per month
  • Fixed interest per month
  • Borrow a large amount once, without the possibility to withdraw money in the meantime
Disadvantages of a personal loan:
  • Not possible to borrow
  • Early repayment is fined because the lender loses money from the interest of the term
  • Interest is often higher than with a revolving credit

persoonlijke lening

A revolving credit is a flexible way of borrowing. A revolving credit is freely withdrawable and redeemable up to a predetermined maximum. As soon as you have withdrawn money, you pay a fixed percentage per month (on average 2%). The interest is never set in advance and varies per loan limit. The advantage of a revolving credit is that you can borrow flexibly, at a lower rate.

Advantages of revolving credit:
  • Borrow a fixed amount, with the option to withdraw money in the meantime
  • Lower interest compared to a personal loan
  • Borrow money flexibly
Disadvantages revolving credit:
  • Interest is variable (sometimes higher than expected)
  • You never know what the total interest cost will be
  • Revolving credit requires discipline to repay

doorlopend krediet

With a mini loan , the amount is often quickly in your account. Unfortunately, you cannot borrow a very large amount (often up to $ 750). Moreover, your BKR will not be tested. Keep in mind that the interest rates are often higher with mini-loans and that you must pay off your mini-loan within a number of days (often 30 days).

Advantages of the mini loan:
  • Fast money on your account (sometimes within 10 minutes)
  • No BKR review
  • Small amount, so the debt is not too high
Disadvantages of the mini loan:
  • High interest
  • Fast repayment (sometimes within a few weeks)


Apply for a credit card ? With this you can easily withdraw money and make payments, up to the credit limit. You pay once a month for purchases and withdrawals that you make with the credit card. Do you temporarily not have the money at your disposal? Then a credit opens automatically, which you can repay as a revolving credit.

Credit card benefits:
  • Withdraw money easily
  • Repay when you wish
  • Monthly credit up to the credit limit
Disadvantages of credit card:
  • Variable interest
  • No fixed repayment schedule

lening voor creditcard

  1. 2. Determine the amount of your loan

  1. 3. Compare multiple providers makes it easy for you by comparing multiple providers. And yet the interest you will pay will depend on a number of personal details. We look at your personal situation, such as your loan and payment history, and whether you are registered with the BKR. Finally, the amount of the ultimate loan is of course a major factor in determining the interest to be paid.

  1. 4. Request a quote

In order to be able to compare the proposals properly and to choose the right provider, it is important to request different offers. We recommend that you always choose the lender with the best conditions in combination with the most attractive interest rate. It is also good to discuss this with your loved ones, if possible.

  1. 5. Money directly into your account

When applying for a personal loan or revolving credit , a creditworthiness check is performed at the BKR in Tiel. If the results of the check are positive, your application can be converted into a loan. If the green light is not given for the conversion of your application, there is a good chance that you have a negative BKR code. Such a situation makes it difficult not only to borrow money from the provider from whom you applied for the loan, but also from all other lenders. In that case, it is best to contact your bank to find a suitable solution with them.

Do you still want money directly into your account with BKR ? Then the best and often the only option is a mini loan or a micro credit. With this you borrow up to a certain amount and the money is quickly deposited into your account. However, the significantly higher interest on these two loan forms compared to other loan forms is a drawback that you should take into account in your consideration. Therefore, only choose a mini loan or a micro credit if you need the money quickly and more importantly, if your personal situation allows it.

Borrowing money, costs money. Always consider whether you need the money. It is often wiser to save for a large purchase or wait for your salary.

Looking for the way of borrowing money that suits you? First make a good comparison and find the loan with the lowest interest.